Wealthy Affiliate For The Entire Family


Today I am going to write about a very important subject which is about using Wealthy Affiliate For The Entire Family. Actually it never struck to me that Wealthy Affiliate  is more than just a personal account.



What do I mean by this. Let me explain this statement in a more elaborate way so that it makes sense to you. Basically if you’re a family of four or five members, everyone in the family can use and benefit from one membership account of Wealthy Affiliate. This is very powerful actually.


First of all, WealthyAffiliate does not stop you from multiple simultaneous logins. So this means that each member of the family can login from multiple devices at the same time and access the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This is absolutely fantastic because everyone can benefit from a single membership. Of course you can have only one profile and username. So the training tracking and progress indicators are all set only for one account. But that does not stop the other members from benefiting from the single membership as I will explain in this article. It will be very clear as we progress along.


Wealthy Affiliate for the entire family



1.All Family Members Can Access The Training At Wealthy Affiliate Without Any Restriction!


online education


This alone is a great benefit if you will ask me. WealthyAffiliate excels as a training platform for the Online Business. It is one the THE BEST TRAINING available for Online Business. The training courses here are in video format that can be watched online at your convenient time and place. They can be watched over and over again without any restriction whatsoever and it means that every member in your family can watch them in their own pace and convenience.


I have taken advantage of this and asked my children to watch the video tutorials so that they would understand all about Online Business and start getting the right training from a very young age which would give them a boost! Imagine giving your children such excellent training and knowledge at such early stages of life which would expand their horizons and lead them to explore things that we would have never even imagined! As the saying goes “An Idle Mind Is A Devil’s Workshop”, so never let your children idle. Giving them such training opportunities which would keep them engaged in a very productive way.


The training at WealthyAffiliate is designed with the concept of “Earn As You Learn” approach.


This actually gives your children a very great incentive as they would be more than interested with the very idea that they could start earning some income! All of this is absolutely free as it is included in your monthly Premium Membership.


2. All Family Members Can Host Their Websites At Wealthy Affiliate!




With the premium membership of WealthyAffiliate you can host up to 10 WordPress Websites with no extra cost! This means that after going through the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, each of your family member can actually go ahead and create their own website and host them as well in one of the world’s most sophisticated and professional hosting platform. Being able to host 10 websites with your membership fees of just 49$ per month is amazing! Check the article below where you can actually see the comparison between the various WordPress Managed Hosting Providers.


A Challenge To Online Entrepreneurs’ Business Platforms


Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix Hosting Platform Competes and Tops Some Of The World’s Best Hosting Providers.
So this gives you a huge advantage wherein all of this is included within your monthly Premium Fee of just 49$. Imagine being being able to supercharge your online business by not only you being able to work from home but you’ve also got your family members all starting up their own online businesses and you pay for only one account! You just have to get their own domain names of course but that is so inexpensive and Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered on that as well and you can check the pricing by clicking on the link above “A Challenge To Online Entrepreneurs’ Business Platforms”.
All Your Family Members Can Start Their Own Online Business With No Extra Cost!
Now go on folks and make use of the amazing privileges that you get from your Premium Membership and yes it’s available to every premium member so if you are a premium member already, go ahead and don’t waste those 10 websites that you can host. Personally what I’ve done is that I’ve taken advantage of this when i started my Online Business with WealthyAffiliate. I just thought of how I will never be able to make use of the ten websites hosting because I wouldn’t be able to start up startup ten websites right away! So I thought that this wouldn’t be required and I’m probably going to be creating two or three websites and hosting them.
So I thought of my children and then I encouraged them to really start thinking about their passion that they are interested in and how they could utilize the WordPress Hosting that’s available to me within my Premium Membership at WealthyAffiliate. I encouraged them to actually try exploring their passion to see what they were really interested in and start building up their own Online Business.  To my surprise, they were more than happy about the idea and they started to really think about it. If fact, as I write this article, both my kids have hosted their own websites and they are loving it!

This whole thing is actually serving two purposes – one is that they’re enjoying their passion and they’re working on their passion and secondly they are actually building their Online Business and mine too! I will explain this a bit more now. Its actually a win-win situation.


As my children grown their website and Online Business, it indirectly grows my business too because when visitors start coming to the web sites of my children, I can also place links to my business which serves as free advertising!


For the children, it is a great way to start just to kind of start earning a pocket money which can obviously grow into a full blown  business as they progress.


Children Starting Their Own Website At First Would Be Like Earning A Pocket Money Which Could Grow Into A Full Blown Online Business Later On!


It’s a great opportunity for everyone and I believe that this is something that everybody should be taking advantage of. Get your family involved in your online business and make it not just a home business but a family business. The training is there and absolutely free for every member of your family. They can watch the videos again and again in their own free time and get a solid foundation.


I have personally not seen such a great opportunity on the internet. I’ve seen so many so called online business opportunities that just don’t deliver what they promise. WealthyAffiliate actually over delivers. It offers much more value than what you pay for. But you have to utilize it. If you do not use it to its full potential, then you are at fault.


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