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Brief Welcome

Brief Welcome

Welcome to Internet Business Magnates. I’m Wesley and I am a passionate online business entrepreneur who wants to help many start their Own Business Online. The very idea of having a Business Online keeps me motivated and fuels my passion. This is my passion and I want a solid path to be created that others can follow along.

My Story…

When I got introduced to Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing/MLM, I was so thrilled and excited! Unlike others, I was introduced to network marketing for the first time through the online channel. Many people would have heard about network marketing through offline channels by people approaching them for business opportunities such as Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Vorwerk and so on. But I was never exposed to network marketing before and I first came to know about it Online when I came across Strong Future International (

I became absolutely passionate with the idea of network marketing and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). It was like a dream come true for me as an aspiring young entrepreneur. It was free to join and so I joined-in and did all that I could to promote the products and try to earn commissions. I kept trying for months but never managed to sell even a single product, not that the opportunity was not good but I didn’t do the right things. I made no money and was completely demotivated.

However during the course of being an affiliate of SFI, I had learnt a lot about online marketing and various techniques right from using pay per clicks (PPC), traffic exchanges, social media, etc. to market the products. To cut it short, it finally became frustrating and I eventually quit Affiliate Marketing. Don’t get me wrong, SFI is a good company and has a good affiliate program. It was just that I could not succeed due to my circumstances back then. After all these years, I would still not recommend SFI due to various factors that I would be writing later on in my blogs here in this site.


I always wanted to build a clear path to success in the domain of Online Business. But for that, first I should be successful and only then will I be able to guide others who like me are trying to find success in Online Business. The internet has created many multi-millionaires over the past and for sure there is plenty of opportunity for others. One needs the right mind-set and the perfect training to succeed online. Online Business is not for everyone but anyone can do it provided they get themselves rightly trained and are willing to put in the time and efforts.

This is where I come in. My goal is to point others who are genuinely interested in Online Business, to the right training and platform that can ultimately lead them to success. There is a lot of crap out there claiming to be genuine Online Business opportunities but will only drain people off their money and time. I have learnt it the hard way by experience and would like to help others not to waste their time and money by falling into traps online. So I will do everything within my power and knowledge to help you find success in Online Business.


This website was created with only one purpose – To become a ONE-STOP-SHOP for Online Business.

To be the only site that you will ever need to become successful in Online Business. The idea is to keep it simple. The more simple the plan is, the more effective it is to succeed. You will not find my site loading you with unwanted information or asking you to join programs with an aim to make commissions. There is only one program that I have found Online that fulfills all the criteria to be qualified as the best online business training academy and platform. All that you need to start and grow your online business is included in this program and that is the last program that you will ever need.

This is the Wealthy Affiliate Program and it is free to join and if you are really serious about online business then you can upgrade your membership to premium which is 100% worth your money. The value that you get from this premium membership is invaluable. In all my 20+ years of online business research and experiences, I have not come across anything close to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the only program that I will recommend to all my visitors!

If you are interested and would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, then you can read all about it in my posts here by visiting the Wealthy Affiliate category. Alternatively, you could join Wealthy Affiliate for free right away by clicking the link below and get into my team and meet me personally to get started with building your Business Online:

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here

I am dedicating this site to teach all that I have learnt over the years to everyone who is looking for knowledge. This site will evolve and grow with time and I recommend that you visit as often as you can to learn as much as you can.

Cheers and see you around!


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